About Ubuntu Magazine

Want to stay up-to-date about global conservation efforts? We at Ubuntu Magazine provide you with truthful and comprehensive stories from the frontlines of nature conservation.

Our mission is to inspire you to take action yourself. We do this by sharing personal stories from conservationists and researchers, but also from people like you! Ubuntu Magazine gives you a look behind the scenes, but also provides you with in-depth information on what’s happening. All bundled together in one magazine!

About Ubuntu Magazine


Ubuntu Magazine raises awareness on nature conservation issues and projects. We stand for a better understanding of what’s happening on the frontlines of conservation globally. We do this by sharing fair, transparent and easily accessible stories that are published in an online magazine. With the urgency to save nature, there is also an urgency to bridge the gap between conservation efforts and the public. Providing knowledge in the shape of inspiring stories will bridge this gap. We believe that the personal stories from conservationists will give people a deeper understanding of nature, which will inspire them to take action themselves.


Knowledge is the foundation of all action. We strive for a globally spread magazine that can be read by anyone. Therefore, we have two rules: we publish it online and it can be read for free. The magazine is a high quality, quarterly publication including diverse topics and different types of content. This diversity inspires all ages and people from all backgrounds. We believe that everyone can be a conservationist. Ubuntu Magazine will give you the information and inspiration to get there.


In the coming years, we aim for a bigger organization, so that more stories can be shared. As a result, Ubuntu Magazine can be published more often, which creates an almost live display of what’s happening on the frontline.

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