About Ubuntu Magazine

Want to stay up-to-date about global conservation efforts? We at Ubuntu Magazine provide you with truthful and comprehensive stories from the frontlines of nature conservation.

Our mission is to inspire you to take action yourself. We do this by sharing personal stories from conservationists and researchers, but also from people like you! Ubuntu Magazine gives you a look behind the scenes, but also provides you with in-depth information on what’s happening. All bundled together in one magazine!

About Ubuntu Magazine


Ubuntu Magazine raises awareness on nature conservation issues and projects. We stand for a better understanding of what’s happening on the frontlines of conservation globally. We do this by sharing fair, transparent and easily accessible stories that are published in an online magazine. With the urgency to save nature, there is also an urgency to bridge the gap between conservation efforts and the public. Providing knowledge in the shape of inspiring stories will bridge this gap. We believe that the personal stories from conservationists will give people a deeper understanding of nature, which will inspire them to take action themselves.


Knowledge is the foundation of all action. We strive for a globally spread magazine that can be read by anyone. Therefore, we have two rules: we publish it online and it can be read for free. The magazine is a high quality, quarterly publication including diverse topics and different types of content. This diversity inspires all ages and people from all backgrounds. We believe that everyone can be a conservationist. Ubuntu Magazine will give you the information and inspiration to get there.


In the coming years, we aim for a bigger organization, so that more stories can be shared. As a result, Ubuntu Magazine can be published more often, which creates an almost live display of what’s happening on the frontline.

“I am because we are”

The faces behind Ubuntu Magazine


Manon Verijdt


Hey there! My name is Manon, Director of Ubuntu Magazine. I love humpback whales, I traveled through Europe by train and lost my heart in Canada. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: eat locally while traveling! This is the most sustainable option when it comes to food.

The team

Arina van Londen

Art Director

From another graphic designer: welcome! I simply can’t choose just 1 favorite animal. Elephants, turtles, or cats: I love all wildlife! My all-time favorite travel destination is Australia because of the memorable encounters I experienced there. My-million-sustainable-dollar tip: make friends with the locals! Slicing vegetables has never been the same again since slicing a zucchini with a machete with help from the locals.

Tobias van Krieken

Chief Digital Officer

Hi! Nice to meet you here at Ubuntu’s website! My name is Tobias and I’m Ubuntu’s SEO Manager. Some small facts about me are 1. I have seen 43 countries so far, so I will never be able to choose a favourite place and 2. If you can’t find me, I’m probably somewhere in the forest or up in the mountains. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: try to eat veggy! I’ve been doing it since 2008 and it has opened up a whole new world of flavors for me.

Mira de Winter

Social Media Manager

Hi all, my name is Mira de Winter and I’m the Social Media Manager. Asking me about my favorite animal or country is unthinkable. I think every animal and country are unique in their own way. However, Laos is special to me as it made me more grateful for the small things in life. My million-sustainable-dollar tip is easy: avoid using single-use plastics.

Judith v/d Steen

PR Manager

Hey there, another warm welcome from the public relations manager. Want to see me smile? Ask me questions about my time volunteering in Zambia & Malawi, and building a school together with the local community. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: Go off the beaten track and discover places where no other tourists are.

Amy van Loon


Hello! I’m the journalist and here to boost Ubuntu Magazine’s sales. My greatest trip has been a train ride from Europe to China. Especially my time in Mongolia was truly inspiring because of their friendliness and nomadic lifestyle! My million-sustainable-dollar tip: stay longer with local communities to experience a deeper connection.

Joosje Heringa


Mirjam May

Graphic Designer

Renee Balsters


Mary Swing


Hi everyone! I’m Mary Swing and I’m Ubuntu’s proofreader. I geek out whenever I see birds and I’m passionate about both China and the USA, but I’m most amazed by the kaleidoscope colors of Thailand. I wish everyone would use the Golden Rule when thinking of wildlife and conservation: treat your surroundings the same way you want to be treated. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: buy your travel gear and clothing second-hand!

Bruno F. Fiorillo


Hey there! I’m Bruno and besides being a herpetologist, I’m one of Ubuntu Magazine’s copywriters. My love for snakes started in Brazil, but my most favorite country is Australia. Especially their herps are amazing. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: only take memories from the places you visit and leave everything else exactly the way you found it.

Callum Evans


Hi! I’m Callum, one of Ubuntu’s copywriters. I’m based in South Africa, which is luckily also my favourite country! My favourite species are leopards, painted wolfs, orcas and manta rays. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: take all of your trash with you when you leave a wild area. I wish words will turn into action across the board of conservation.

Thijs Montalvo


Cara Blackburn


Catarina Carmo


Chelsea Whittingham


Theodore Nshimiyumuremyi


Sheeranie Tak


Patrizia Baldi


Hi, I’m Patrizia and I’m one of Ubuntu’s writers. Tigers, snow leopards and turtles are some of my favourite animals – very different, but equally as magnificent! Although Zimbabwe’s wildlife is amazing, I was stunned by Iceland’s raw and pristine nature. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: seek out organizations and experiences where community support and nature and wildlife conservation are central.

Hannah den Boeft


Join the team

At Ubuntu Magazine we are always looking for volunteers to strengthen our team and mission. If you have the right skill set and the passion to contribute to the world of conservation we would love to hear from you.

Former contributors

Carmen Castricum


Contributed to issue 1

Chiara Holzer

Social media manager

Contributed to issue 1 & 2

Marijn Jansen

Webdesigner & creator

Contributed to issue 1, 2, 3 & 4

Suzanne Lek

Graphic designer

Contributed to issue 1, 2, 3 & 4

Morena Rodriguez


Contributed to issue 4

Emma Ritzen


Contributed to issue 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Laura Meyers


Contributed to issue 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5