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And if you happen to be our new Stargazer or Youth Conservation Champion, just send us an e-mail and who knows you might be featured next!

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I want to advertise, where do I sign up?

Questions on the different advertisement options, the costs, the requirements, and your benefits are thoroughly addressed in our media kit. It’s an absolute “goldmine” with all the essential information laid out for you.


Step 1: Read through our mediakit.
Step 2: Select your most suited way of advertising
Step 3: Get started: mail to advertising@ubuntumagazine.com

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I want to donate, what should I do?

Rock star! We have good news, as we are currently working to make the donation system available for you. Send a message to Amy, so you’re the first one to know once you can pitch in to help fair wildlife tourism: amy@ubuntumagazine.com

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How do you make sure you don't participate in greenwashing?

Most of our time is used for thorough research. Research before diving into an interview, research during the interview, and also research after the interview. All the conservationists in our network work with big, sustainable organizations, so we know they don’t greenwash. They operate fairly, and the people we interview or people we know personally, have been on-site to experience a live audit of their way of working. We always assure you that the projects we publish don’t greenwash and are fair projects.

How often can I expect a new issue?

The magazine will be published 4 times a year. You can expect a new issue at the beginning of each quarter.

Where will I receive the magazine?

Our exclusive newsletter members are the first to know about new issues. You can subscribe here to be an exclusive member yourself: ubuntumagazine.com/subscribe

Why are you published online instead of in print?

With sustainability being our core value, Ubuntu Magazine operates in the utmost sustainable way. Therefore, we only publish online. This avoids printing and sending all over the world.

Could I also receive an in print copy?

No, this is not possible. We stand by our sustainable core value and know you do too.

I am a proud owner of an eco-lodge and would love to be featured by Ubuntu Magazine. How can we make this happen?

We would love to get in touch! Send an email today to get in touch with us: hello@ubuntumagazine.com

I which ways can I help the wildlife conservation projects?

Reach out to us via hello@ubuntumagazine.com. This way we can set up a tailor-made contribution for you.

I would love to join your team, can I?

We are always excited to meet other green-hearted individuals who share our mission and want to help. Reach out to see which positions are currently available.

What are the best ways for me to help?

Your best way to help? Spread our message! Let others know your thoughts about Ubuntu Magazine. The more people we reach, the bigger our impact on fair wildlife tourism

Can I write an article for Ubuntu magazine?

You can write an article or collaborate with us if we’re a good match. Reach out to us and share the topic you would love to write about, so we can see if we match.

I have a suggestion, how can I contact you?

Your suggestion excites us, already! Send your suggestion via this form

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Email us your question.

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How can I connect with you?

You can contact us via different ways:
1. Instagram
2. Facebook
3. LinkedIn
4. Email

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When was Ubuntu Magazine founded?

The idea of Ubuntu Magazine came to live in July 2021. The first steps were taken in October 2021. The steps occurred after an accidental conversation between our CEO – Manon, and Emma, our illustrator. Emma got so excited about the ideas for Ubuntu Magazine, she wanted to be a part of it! From that moment on, Ubuntu Magazine grew quick. As of March 2022, Ubuntu Magazine is officially founded at the chamber of commerce.

How is Ubuntu Magazine regulated?

Ubuntu Magazine currently consists of 10 team members. We work in the way that each member is responsible for their own tasks. All freelancers work together to create the #1 fair wildlife tourism magazine for you. Our CEO, Manon, is overseeing the actual quality of the magazine such as written texts, photos, and designs. Manon also oversees that all deadlines are made, so that you receive your next issue right in time!

Where is Ubuntu Magazine located?

EVERYWHERE! All Ubuntu Magazine’s freelancers work from their laptops. This enables them to visit projects covered in Ubuntu Magazine. Our team loves slow travel, and discovering new places and wildlife, but doesn’t have a fixed location.

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