The Team

Get to know all the faces behind Ubuntu Magazine. These dedicated souls, from all across the world, make our quarterly launch possible.

Are you interested in joining the team? Great! We are always looking for passionate conservationists to join us. Scroll down to see the current team and the open positions.

The faces behind Ubuntu Magazine

Manon Verijdt

Founder & CEO

Based in The Netherlands/Africa

Hey there! My name is Manon, Director of Ubuntu Magazine. I grew up next to a national park, hence my love for nature. I lost my heart to Canada many years ago, so I’m pretty sure you can find me there one day in the future hiking with my dog, mountainbiking or watching whales.

My million-sustainable-dollar tip: eat locally while traveling! This is the most sustainable option when it comes to food.

Arina van Londen

Art Director

Based in The Netherlands/Portugal/Italy

From another graphic designer: welcome! I simply can’t choose just 1 favorite animal. Elephants, turtles, or cats: I love all wildlife! My all-time favorite travel destination is Australia because of the memorable encounters I experienced there. My-million-sustainable-dollar tip: make friends with the locals! Slicing vegetables has never been the same again since slicing a zucchini with a machete with help from the locals.

Tobias van Krieken

Chief Digital Officer

Based in The Netherlands/Africa

Hi! Nice to meet you here at Ubuntu’s website! My name is Tobias and I’m Ubuntu’s SEO Manager. Some small facts about me are 1. I have seen 43 countries so far, so I will never be able to choose a favourite place and 2. If you can’t find me, I’m probably somewhere in the forest or up in the mountains. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: try to eat veggy! I’ve been doing it since 2008 and it has opened up a whole new world of flavors for me.

Mira de Winter

Social Media Manager

Based in The Netherlands

Hi all, my name is Mira de Winter and I’m the Social Media Manager. Asking me about my favorite animal or country is unthinkable. I think every animal and country are unique in their own way. However, Laos is special to me as it made me more grateful for the small things in life. My million-sustainable-dollar tip is easy: avoid using single-use plastics.

Joosje Heringa


Based in Spain

Hi, my name is Joosje and I’m Ubuntu’s journalist. My favorite animal is the common kingfisher, as its colors represent my goal in life: being grounded (= terracotta), calm (= green), and joy and open (= light blue). My million-sustainable-dollar tip: look inward for joy instead of seeking it in distant travels. Discover the wonder in your immediate surroundings, and your ‘need’ to travel far diminishes.

Mirjam May

Graphic Designer

Based in The Netherlands

Hi you, my name is Mirjam and I am one of the graphic designers of Ubuntu. My favorite animal will forever be a dog, but when I think a little bigger I think a lion is so strong, beautiful and powerful! When I first came to South Africa in 2017, my passion for wildlife grew enormously.

My million-sustainable-dollar tip: Go with the flow, let yourself be carried away by the passion of traveling and go on an adventure.

Renee Balsters


Based in The Netherlands

Hi! My name is Renée and I am the illustrator of Ubuntu. My favorite animal is the deer, they seem to appear everytime I am really connecting to nature after a long time being in the concrete jungle. Some really beautiful trips I made were to Tibet, Armenia and Canada. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: be in nature more. The more you connect, the more you love, the less you will do it harm.


Mary Swing


Based in the USA

Hi everyone! I’m Mary Swing and I’m Ubuntu’s proofreader. I geek out whenever I see birds and I’m passionate about both China and the USA, but I’m most amazed by the kaleidoscope colors of Thailand. I wish everyone would use the Golden Rule when thinking of wildlife and conservation: treat your surroundings the same way you want to be treated. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: buy your travel gear and clothing second-hand!

Thijs Montalvo


Based in The Netherlands/ USA

Hi, my name is Thijs. If you ask me about my favorite animal, my answer would be the Mantis shrimp. Yet if you ask me about my favorite travel experience, hiking for 7-8 hours a day through the Carpathian Mountains in southern Poland was unbeatable. That’s why my tip to everyone is; leave no trace when you’re in nature and spend your money on businesses that act sustainably.

Callum Evans


Based in South Africa

Hi! I’m Callum, one of Ubuntu’s copywriters. I’m based in South Africa, which is luckily also my favourite country! My favourite species are leopards, painted wolfs, orcas and manta rays. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: take all of your trash with you when you leave a wild area. I wish words will turn into action across the board of conservation.

Patrizia Baldi


Based in Switzerland

Hi, I’m Patrizia and I’m one of Ubuntu’s writers. Tigers, snow leopards and turtles are some of my favourite animals – very different, but equally as magnificent! Although Zimbabwe’s wildlife is amazing, I was stunned by Iceland’s raw and pristine nature. My million-sustainable-dollar tip: seek out organizations and experiences where community support and nature and wildlife conservation are central.

Chelsea Whittingham


Based in the UK

Hi, my name is Chelsea and I am a copywriter. If you ask me about my favorite place on earth, it’s definitely Iceland. Alongside the fact that I had one of my dearest travel experiences here, it is home to the artic fox, which is my favorite animal. My wish in the world of wildlife and conservation, would be to mitigate climate change and the melting of the Arctic sea ice. 

Sheeranie Tak


Based in The Netherlands

Hi everyone! My name is Sheeranie. Although Mexico is my favorite country in the world, I lost my heart to an animal found in another part of the world: the Lion. I can’t begin to describe how fantastic they are!

My million-sustainable-dollar tip: To make the world a better place, you may have to do the things nobody else dares to. Have courage and be the first.

Theodore Nshimiyumuremyi


Based in Rwanda

Join the team

At Ubuntu Magazine we are always looking for volunteers to strengthen our team and mission. If you have the right skill set and the passion to contribute to the world of conservation we would love to hear from you.

Former contributors

Carmen Castricum


Contributed to issue 1

Chiara Holzer

Social media manager

Contributed to issue 1 & 2

Marijn Jansen

Webdesigner & creator

Contributed to issue 1, 2, 3 & 4

Suzanne Lek

Graphic designer

Contributed to issue 1, 2, 3 & 4

Morena Rodriguez


Contributed to issue 4

Emma Ritzen


Contributed to issue 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Laura Meyers


Contributed to issue 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Amy van Loon


Contributed to issue 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Bruno F. Fiorillo


Contributed to issue 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Judith v.d. Steen

PR Manager

Contributed to issue 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6